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Autonomous Diverse Agriculture Machine (ADAM-0, Zero Emissions)

The project aims to develop, evaluate and demonstrate the performance of an advanced Autonomous Diverse Agriculture Machine (ADAM-0, Zero Emissions) that will change the way we farm in the future. ADAM-0 will be an advanced mobile platform that will operate independently of GPS, supported by encoders, an inertial unit and software. It represents a technological breakthrough that will make agricultural tasks autonomous, safe, economical and reliable. It is an advanced electric autonomous mobile agricultural spraying machine that will operate without releasing emissions, while helping to reduce environmental pollution and increase the material efficiency of fertilizers and FFS.

The project aims at a zero-emission autonomous system that will demonstrate the applied use of the machine in agricultural areas. The project will contribute to climate change mitigation through improved energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It will allow a more efficient use of natural resources by reducing the use of primary raw materials, ensure sustainability by treating metals that are not susceptible to corrosion processes, and use durable materials that can be fully recycled.

  • The project received EU co-financing. The EU’s investment is part of the measures of the Slovenian Recovery and Resilience Plan (Načrt za okrevanje in odpornost), which is financed from the “NextGenerationEU” mechanism. You can find more information here:
  •  The total amount of funds received is EUR 1,925,584.40
  • The projects financial value is EUR 2,003,904.40

You can find more information here

Project Transfarm 4.0 

The project Transfarm 4.0 (2019–2022) aimed at increasing the direct participation of farmers in the precision farming sector and boosting the competitiveness of the European precision farming advanced manufacturing supply chains. Transfarm 4.0 scouted new demand-driven precision farming solutions to meet the needs of the farmers. Within the project, companies, clusters, research institutions and farmers worked together to bring new technological solutions to the market.

The website was developed to bring precision agriculture technologies closer to the general public. Online you will find sellers, manufacturers and service providers of precision farming technologies from all over Central Europe. Read more on the website.

Read more about the EU project here.

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